7 Grilling Recipes to Get You Fired Up This Season

With summer upon us, there's no time like the present to brush up on your grill-master skills. Try your hand at one of these as you get your grill on this summer!

Kosher Italian Beef Topped Chicago Dog


There are no rules for how you should dress up your dog… unless you’re from Chicago. If you want to be true to form, skip the ketchup in favor of signature toppings like sport peppers, dill pickles, sweet pickle relish, chopped tomatoes, celery salt, and plenty of Gulden’s® Yellow Mustard, all served on top of a poppy seed bun. No wonder it’s described as “dragged through the garden”!

Grilled Steak and Pineapple Wraps


You know how you feel about fajitas? Take those affections and mix in pineapple and Asian-inspired flavors like P.F. Chang’s® Home Menu Soy Sauce, fresh ginger, and sambal oelek (red chili paste). You’ll feel fancy, but it’s quite simple—and even though you’ll need to let things marinate for a bit, the prep time itself is only 30 minutes.

Bacon Wrapped Beer Bratwurst


Bacon. Beer. Bratwurst. Beautiful. And just when you think it couldn’t get any better, we’re adding grilled onions, creamy slaw, and a drizzle of spicy Sriracha blended with Hunt’s® Tomato Ketchup. We’d love to keep talking about it, but we need a minute to dab the drool off our mouths.

Kansas City Style BBQ Ribs


Here’s a fun fact for your next backyard bash: Technically speaking, properly cooked ribs shouldn’t fall off the bone. It means the meat is actually too cooked and overdone. Instead, ribs should be tender, but have a crusty bark—be chewy, but with a slight resistance—which is exactly what you’ll get when you follow this recipe. Ribs are first coated with a rub and baked low and slow in the oven, then they’re basted with a Kansas City-style sweet-but-spicy tomato-based barbecue sauce and charred on the grill.

Korean BBQ Burgers


The Korean BBQ trend is here to stay and we’re not mad about it, especially when sweet and spicy Korean Style BBQ Sauce is smeared on buns topped with a juicy burger patty, crispy fried egg, and sour kimchi. The result is a stack of flavors and textures that come together to make a satisfying whole, which is all we ever want from a burger. Napkins sold separately.

Teriyaki Burgers with Pineapple


While you’re changing up your basic burger, give these Teriyaki Burgers with Pineapple a grill—er, whirl. Ground chuck patties and pineapple are basted with P.F. Chang’s Teriyaki sauce, heightening their natural flavor when tossed on the grill, then sandwiched between potato buns, kewpie mayo, and shredded romaine lettuce.

Pork Chops with Spicy Peach Salsa


We saved one of our favorites for last. If you think pork chops are totally boring and sad, that’s because you haven’t had them paired with this fragrant spicy peach salsa. Grilled peaches combine their caramelized powers with RO*TEL® Chipotle Tomatoes & Chiles, red bell pepper, red onion, cilantro, and fresh lime juice, keeping pork chops off the chopping block.