The best family cookout ideas

Cookouts are great for the family to get together, have some great food and enjoy the warm weather. So, because your family deserves the best, we’ve come up with a must-have list of bests for your next family cookout. Now, pull out the folding chairs and fire up the grill because you won’t want to miss these tips!

Best Family Cookout Activity


The winner of this category is Bags or Corn Hole. Whatever you may call the “bean bag toss game," it’s the best summer cookout activity for the whole family. This game is perfect for all ages and there is minimal set-up and clean up. Now that’s a win!

Best Cookout Beverages (Alcohol & Non-Alcohol)


Clearly warm weather calls for ice cold brews, and a summer cookout just wouldn’t be the same without cold, refreshing lemonade. To keep your beer ice cold, cover every surface area of the bottle or can with ice for the coldest beer possible. Serve lemonade in a pitcher and have your guests add their own ice – make sure to save some ice in an ice bin or smaller cooler so your guests don’t have to reach in the other coolers for ice. Keeping the lemonade separate from the ice will help keep all the lemony flavor without that watered down taste.

Best Grilled Entrée to Serve


Hands down, Hebrew National® all-beef franks are a cut above the rest in this category. Not only are franks versatile with an assortment of toppings like a mango salsa or keeping it a little lighter with a southwest wrap – these all-beef franks are so good, you can taste the quality. Using only the best cuts and ingredients, you will feel good serving Hebrew National franks at your next family cookout – free of fillers, by-products, artificial colors and flavors – no wonder these franks won our best-grilled-entrée category. And, to cook your franks to perfection, check out how to make the best grilled hot dog.   

Best Seating Arrangement to Have at a Family Cookout


Set up two tables – one for the adults and one for the kids. Set the kids table with small games, coloring books and bubbles to keep them entertained.

Music Ideas for a Cookout


Have a few family members choose their favorite artist or genre on a music app – put the music on shuffle between the selected stations to have the perfect mix throughout the night.

Best Décor


Keep the décor simple and inviting. Use red and blue checkered patterns to keep with the cookout theme. Fill jars or vases with slices of lemons and place them on tables for a pop of color. Add string lights around the patio area or fences so when the sun sets the lights will act as a simple ambiance to the party. Have bug repellent candles set up scattered throughout the tables to keep the bugs away. The best décor is the simplest décor – just remember when setting up!

Best Thank You Favor


Once the night comes to an end, send your guests home with a small homemade packaged dessert. Fill a waffle cone full of chocolate morsels and marshmallows and wrap the cone in foil. These are the perfect make-ahead favors and desserts. The only thing your family will have to do is place it near a bonfire or on the grill until the morsels melt, and dig in!


So make this summer the best one ever. Fire up the grill, throw on some franks, chill some beverages and enjoy summer the way it should be!