This summer's best hot dog toppings

Step up your hot dog game by adding these awesome toppings to your hot dog. First, start off with Hebrew National® all-beef franks and grill them like a pro. Then select a unique topping from below that meets your fancy. It’s that easy!  

Hawaiian Dogs


Bring all the delicious island flavors onto your favorite hot dog. First, grill up some pineapple and add fresh jalapeno and red onion topped with perfectly toasted macadamia nuts for a buttery crunch. Serve it with a teriyaki mayonnaise simply by adding your favorite teriyaki sauce, hot sauce and mayo together. This sweet and spicy Hawaiian Dog is packed with juicy flavors!

Breakfast Dogs


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and whether you have breakfast in the a.m. or breakfast for dinner, this Breakfast Dog is perfect all day long! Cook up crispy hash browns with some onions, place an all-beef frank on top, drizzle with some ketchup and top it with a fried egg. This is a breakfast you wouldn’t want to skip (we can promise you that!).

‘Nashville Hot’ Hot Dogs


Who knew a classic dish like Nashville Hot Chicken could be turned into a hot dog topping! Simply baste the hot dog in a classic Nashville hot sauce using spicy seasonings, oil and hot sauce while on the grill. Serve on a bun or white bread with crisp, fresh lettuce and crunchy pickles. You’ll be feeling the Nashville heat in no time.

Hot Pepper Relish Dogs


A little heat never hurt anyone, right? Mix your favorite relish with some of your favorite hot peppers and chilies, red onions, fresh garlic and mustard seeds. The hot peppers and sweet relish combination is packed with surprising flavors you’ll want to use all summer long!

Asian Slaw Dogs with Sriracha Mayo


Mix up some of your favorite Asian flavors and top it on your dog! First, top your frank with shredded cabbage, shredded carrots and green onions. Next, drizzle on a homemade sriracha mayo by combining soy sauce, peanut oil, sesame oil, fresh ginger, hoisin sauce, fresh lime juice, and of course, sriracha and mayonnaise. The crisp veggies and spicy Asian flavored mayo are the perfect blend of flavors on an all-beef frank.   

Taco Dogs


Replace Taco Tuesdays with Taco Dog Tuesdays! Just take your favorite all-beef frank served up in a crunchy taco shell. Add shredded lettuce, your favorite guacamole recipe, fresh jalapenos, cilantro and fresh lime juice. Now let’s tacobout that!

Kimchi Dogs


Adding a fermented ingredient like kimchi on a hot dog brings out those zippy and spicy flavors that keep you wanting more. Simply add kimchi, fresh cucumber slices, poppy seeds (for added texture) and sriracha mayo on top of your frank and serve it up in a soft pretzel bun. These flavor components are simply the best to jazz up your hot dog game! 

Bruschetta Dogs


Take a popular appetizer and place it on a frank. With the sweet flavors of tomatoes and balsamic vinegar, this hot dog topping is perfect to please any crowd. Start by using sliced cherry tomatoes, chopped basil, a pinch of salt and finish with a drizzle of rich balsamic vinegar for a spin on an appetizer and a frank all-in-one!